Exclusive stream at The Wild Honey Pie of the summer single “Out There Alone”

Indie harpist and vocalist, Mikaela Davis, has a new song up her sleeve, and it’s the perfect addition to our summer playlist. “Out There Alone” features Davis’ effervescent cadence intertwining with speedy harp chords to create a unique and retro-inspired sound, while bittersweet lyrics give emotional depth to the otherwise cheery track. Her classical harp training gives her songwriting a quirky edge — she has a knack for layering sounds around her expert string work. Davis has a lengthy tour ahead of her in which she and her band will hit cities all along the East Coast, Midwest and South. Listen to “Out There Alone” now, and let Mikaela Davis sweep you up with her harp-accented, lo-fi sound.


Last winter, indie harpist and vocalist Mikaela Davis embarked upon a tour in support of her latest release, the Fortune Teller EP. In January, the Upstate New York resident stopped by the Wilderness Bureau in advance of her Black Cat show and played a couple of dreamy pop songs from the record. Watch as she and her band perform “Feels Like Forever” and a medley of “Lady Lavender” and “Interlude in the Sky.”


MIKAELA DAVIS, “LADY LAVENDER / INTERLUDE IN THE SKY” // Live at the Wilderness Bureau from BANDWIDTH on Vimeo.

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